Record Calls

CloudVoice offers the option to turn on call recording for an extension. There are options to record inbound, outbound, all calls, etc.

To set call recording for an extension:

Login to the Admin Portal using a web browser.

Select Accounts from the top menu and click the Extensions.


Select the extension you would like to change.


Scroll down the extension page until you see Record. Select the type of calls to be recorded from the dropdown list.

  • Disabled
  • All
  • Local
  • Inbound
  • Outbound


Click Save.

To listen to or download record calls:

Recorded calls are stored in the call detail records. Search for the call you wish to retrieve.


Calls that have been recorded will display the play and download button that you can use to listen to or download the audi file of the call.


Calls will only be recorded after the setting is in place. Calls made before the option is in place have not been recorded.