Mobile Twinning

CloudVoice provides the ability to switch an active phone call from your desk phone to another phone, even if that phone is outside your phone system. Calls can be switched to a cell phone from an extension without interupting the ongoing call. This feature is called Mobile Twinning and can be setup using the steps below.

To setup the feature:

Login to the Admin Portal using a web browser.

Select Profiles from the top menu.

Search for or select the appropriate Extension.


Once inside the profile click Extension on the left side menu.


In the Mobile Number field, enter the 10 Digit mobile number of the user.

Click Save.

To use the feature:

Switch from mobile to deskphone – Dial *662 from your deskphone.

Switch from deskphone to mobile – Dial your access number from your mobile and press 1 to confirm.

(note: Contact Encore support for your Mobile Twinning access number).

Click Save.