Feature Access Codes

Feature Access Codes:
Feature Code Name Description
*2 Record Active Call Record the active call from when the feature code is entered
*411 Directory Dial by Name Directory
*67[number] Call Privacy Active Call Privacy
*69 Call Return Call back the last incoming number
*732 Record Record a system message (Admin PIN required)
*8[ext] Extension Intercom Page a specific extension
*870 Redial Redial the last number
*78 DND (On) Enable Do Not Disturb
*79 DND (Off) Disable Do Not Disturb
*21 Follow Me Toggle Follow Me (enable/disable)
*72 Call Forward (On) Enable Call Forwarding
*73 Call Forward (Off) Disable Call Forwarding
*5900 Valet Park Attended Transfer (park). The park extension will be played back to you.
*5901-5999 Valet Un-Park Retreive a Valet Parked call
**[ext] Directed Call Pickup Intercept a specific extension when ringing
*8 Group Pickup Intercept an extension within the call group
*97 Voicemail The system detects the extension and will prompt for your password
*98 Check any Voicemail The system will prompt for both the extension and the password
*99 Send to Voicemail Send a call directly to voicemail

Download the CloudVoice Feature Access Codes