Troubleshooting Faxing

Troubleshooting Faxing

Sending a Fax Via Email

This document outlines the process for sending a fax from an email address.

Fax Configuration

This setup guide will help you configure faxing whether you are using the downloadable client or fax via email.

Fax Configuration Setup Guide

Faxing large Documents

If you are experiencing errors with faxing a large number of documents it may be caused by the size of the faxing job. There isn’t a set number of pages as a maximum as the data on each page can vary. The amount of images on the pages can impact the size of the fax.

To resolve this issue it is best to break up the fax into smaller jobs with fewer numbers of pages.

Faxing Pictures or Scanned Documents

Faxing images or scanned documents can have some issues. If you find that the fax isn’t going through or is talking a long time it could be the sorce material is “dirty”. Faxing systems don’t handle complex images well and take a long time to process them. Some scan documents will have micro dots or the white areas may show up as light grey. This will result in the whole document being viewed as a large image instead of black and white text.

To resolve this issue try to scan or save the images or scanned documents as black and white instead of greyscale. This may reduce the amount of noise in document.

Not Receiving Faxes in Email

The fax system can be configured for incoing faxes to be routed to an email address of your choosing. If faxes stop being received in the mailbox, verify the following.

  • Call the fax number from another phone and verify the number is being answered and is giving the fax tone (same as an old dialup modem noise)
  • Check the Junk or SPAM folder in the mailbox and verify the email is not being marked as SPAM.
  • Check your email systems SPAM filter and verify that no emails from are being held as SPAM. It would be best to whitelist the email address.